Are your yoga pants yawn-inducing? Is your sports bra spent? If the last time you bought new workout clothes the song “Let’s Get Physical” was playing on a radio, it’s time for an intervention.


Much like diamonds, the qualities of yoga and fitness wear fall into four categories. Only instead of cut, color, clarity and carat, our four C’s of fitness clothing are cut, color, condition and crunchiness.


Cut: How does it fit? Where does the hem fall? Does it ride up or twist?


Color: Is the hue new? Or is it a tired-out trend?


Condition: Did it start out a different color or size? How are your workout clothes holding up?


Crunchiness: Is it made of an eco-friendly fiber, like organic cotton or recycled polyester?


If any of the following applies to your wardrobe, you could be in need of a performance wear upgrade:

  1. If the waistline of your pants reaches the bottom of your sports bra.
  2. If any of the following describe your pants hem:
    • frayed
    • larger than your foot
    • creeping upward (We called these “high waters” or “floods” — not to be confused with the cuter capri length.)
    • stirrups
  3. Your sports top has a belt.
  4. You wear a leotard. And you don’t dance.
  5. If you have used the phrase, “But it’s comfortable!” to defend your appearance.
  6. Your top could be described as any kind of a “beater.”
  7. It’s in a color palette from the first time it was “in.”
  8. It’s considered recycled only because you bought it at a thrift shop.
  9. Your mother wore it.
  10. You accessorize like you’re in the witness-protection program to avoid being recognized while wearing it.
  11. A description of your outfit includes the words “back in the day.”
  12. Those aren’t pockets. They’re just holes.

Let’s replace those four C’s of exercise clothing with four new Cs:

Do you feel confident?
Today’s yoga and fitness apparel is flattering without being skintight. New cuts glide over your body to accentuate your favorite parts. For example, the waistband on our Flat Waist Bootcut Pant flattens and flatters the tummy in just the right spot.


Are you comfortable?
New fabrics are more absorbent and lightweight than ever, thanks to content like recycled polyester, created from reclaimed water bottles. Check out this adorable Halter Tank.


Is it considerate?
You don’t have to sacrifice style or performance for being eco-friendly. Now you can have it all! Sustainability is beautiful and it wicks beautifully as well. Our Adjustable Strap Tank is a perfect example.


Will it get you compliments?
When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you get compliments. Working out is a great way to feel better about yourself, inside and out. Now you can feel better about yourself coming and going, too, with cute pieces like the Folded Waist Capri and the slimming Sport Jacket.


What does your workout clothes say about you? If your fitness wardrobe is crying out for a change, let some flattering, eco-friendly, fabulous new pieces do the talking!