Keeping your Kids Active: Why it Matters and How to Encourage Healthy Movement Throughout The Day

Keeping your child active as they grow is critical for their health and development. Just like adults, children enjoy a boost in activity to increase blood flow and overall engagement and productivity when they’re encouraged to move throughout the day.

Wondering why this matters, and how to encourage healthy movement in your own kids? Luckily, here at Gaiam, we have a few benefits and product suggestions to will keep your little ones moving all day!

Ensure Your Child’s Body Develops Properly & They Grow Strong

Kids are always growing and developing, so it’s important that they are able to move their bodies with active sitting/standing. This will help your child in a number of ways – including bone and muscle development, overall strength and stability, quality of sleep and mental health, and much more. Active sitting and standing also helps maintain proper blood sugar levels and lets your child burn more calories throughout the day, keeping them healthy.

Teach Your Child An Active Lifestyle That Can Continue Into Their Adult Life

Another benefit of keeping kids active through regular exercise and active sitting and standing is that you can build habits that will stick with your little one for years to come. If they learn about the importance of exercise and movement at a young age, they are more likely to maintain an active lifestyle as they grow, mature, and begin living on their own in adulthood.

Active Seating Is A Powerful Tool For Encouraging Movement

Kids’ active seating that lets your child stand, lean, or perform some other kind of movement while they stay stationary is a great way to encourage an active lifestyle.

  • Kids Stay-N-Play Ball Chair: This kids balance ball & stability chair encourages proper posture and helps keep your child’s body active while they sit, and it’s perfect for play areas, classrooms, and more.
  • Kids Yoga Mat: Our Kids Birdsong Yoga Mat and Kids Animal Surprise Yoga Mat are both ideal for active seating. Your child can sit, stand, walk, stretch, and play on the mat, and stay comfortable and cushioned no matter what they’re doing.
  • Kidnasium Activity Dice: This is a fun and engaging way to get your little ones moving! The dice have hundreds of combinations of fun movements your children can perform when they need to get moving!

Browse Our Kids’ Active Seating Equipment Today & Encourage An Active Lifestyle

Interested in kids’ active seating from Gaiam? Browse our products and teach your kids about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. From our kids’ balance ball & stability chairs that help keep them focused on school work, to yoga mats, chair bands and more, we have all you need to keep your kids active throughout the day!