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  • Push to the next level with Yoga Journal favorite Kathryn Budig’s expert instruction in Authentic Flow. Her infectious can-do attitude will inspire you to explore your yoga edge with confidence.

  • PLANEAT is the story of three men's life-long search for a diet that's good for your health, the environment, even our planet. The scientists and doctors in the film present a convincing case for the West to adopt a plant-based diet.

  • As an agent of transformation, breath is the most powerful tool we have, says Kia Miller. Explore how breathing brings you a sense of ease and wakes up your mind.

  • Every major spiritual tradition has sought enlightenment and now its mystery is revealed. Renowned author, teacher and spiritual adviser Deepak Chopra discloses the path to enlightenment with 14 secrets.

  • Develop graceful and supple strength by integrating your breath, movement, intention, and relaxation in this total body power yoga video led by internationally renowned teacher Rodney Yee.

  • John Douillard introduces how Ayurveda works with the cycles of the seasons and the hours of each day to bring less stress to our systems and achieve a calm and nourished body.

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