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Yoga Clearance

’Tis the season, friends. And by season, we mean seasonal clearance. And by seasonal clearance, we mean fantastic deals on some of our top-rated products. And by fantastic deals, we mean—well, just that—fantastic deals. If you’re on this page, it’s likely you've clicked your way here because you’re a fellow bargain hunter who tends to cruise the clearance to see what calls to you before checking out the full-price items. Why? Because you’re smart. Savvy. Frugal. And pretty good-looking, cutie pie.

In the rows and columns of this here yoga clearance page, you’ll find great bargains left and right. Up and down. And catty-corner, if we’re getting descriptive. Why are these products here? Maybe we’re making room for new versions. Maybe we’re moving on from a certain color. Or maybe we’re just in the mood to bring our customers a sweet deal on some of our most favorite longstanding products. Whatever the reason, it’s on this page that you’ll find those little hidden treasures at a price that’s sure to make you smile. (We see you grinning already. Are you flirting with us?)

On this page it’s likely you’ll see some familiar faces, some well-known products, along with a few items you may not have seen before. And that’s the fun of it! We encourage you to cruise, explore, compare, and most importantly, save. The items on this page are in constant rotation, so nothing lasts longer than a hot second. (Don’t take us literally on that, m’kay?) But there’s one thing that you’ll always find on this page, and that’s a sweet deal. So what’re you waiting for, bargain hunter? Cruise our yoga clearance items and see what calls to you, what stirs your saver’s soul, and what you just can’t live without. You weren’t crowned value valedictorian for nothing.