Active Sitting

Studies show that the average office employee sits at a desk for ten hours a day, wading through emails, scrolling through company reports, scheduling meetings and unfortunately, eating lunch while staring at a computer screen. These same studies also show that many of these office employees are going home after a long day at the office only to sit in front of the TV or their home computer.

All this sitting? Needless to say, it ain’t good. Medical research has long warned against the risks of prolonged sitting, including heart disease, obesity, and depression, just to name a few. Couple these risks with the increased amount of time we’re spending on our beloved electronic devices—c’mon, even this is being written while seated in front of a laptop—and the risks for prolonged sitting are increasing exponentially (along with the width of our backsides).

Luckily, we at Gaiam have been working hard to counteract this sedentary trend. With our Active Sitting products, we’re encouraging movement and strength, even while you’re seated. Whether you roll a fitness ball into your office, take an exercise ball into the break room, or sit on a Pilates ball while you binge-watch your favorite series, you’re working toward a firmer core, a stronger back, and better posture, one muscle micro-movement at a time.

And our Active Sitting products don’t stop at our best-selling balance balls. Redefine your office seat with our supportive Balance Ball Chairs, work your core with a posture-improving Balance Disc, or enhance your Active Sitting selection with one of our accessories (velvety ball cover, anyone?). In addition to our Active Sitting products, we offer easy-to-follow workout DVDs that incorporate the Balance Ball, taking your at-home fitness to the next level.

Wherever you’re seated, we’ve got a solution to bring better posture, more movement, and increased strength into your day.