Active Sitting

Have you heard of the ergonomic sitting technique known as "active sitting"? Also known as dynamic sitting, this fidget-friendly type of sitting utilizes products like balance balls, wobbling stools, balance ball chairs, and balance discs. These devices replace unhealthy static sitting with a more natural option that encourages your body to move and flex even while remaining (relatively) stationary.

Benefits of Active Sitting

Medical studies have shown that long hours of sitting are becoming a major national health crisis. Fortunately, even if your job or hobby has you sitting for long hours at a stretch, your health doesn't have to suffer.

Practice active sitting and experience these health benefits:

  • Improved spinal position
  • Increased stability
  • More natural movements, including micro-movements
  • Muscle stimulation, especially of the core, back, and leg muscles
  • Boosted energy 
  • Improved blood flow 
  • Increased oxygen intake
  • Stronger sense of balance
  • Improved mindful posture

Of course, you'll only receive these benefits of active sitting if you are already practicing good posture. If you slump on your balance ball, you are negating most of the good that would otherwise come from it! That's why you must be mindful of how you're sitting. Yoga exercises and pilates can help develop good posture as well as the mindfulness needed to practice it.

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