Balance Discs

Here’s a word you may or not be familiar with: flatlander. As humans, we’ve evolved into upright beings who sit and stand on stable, relatively flat surfaces. As such, some of our muscle groups are bigger, better, faster, stronger, while others take second stage, often losing tone and strength as we age (pinkie finger muscles, we’re looking at you).

And here are two more words you’re definitely familiar with: back pain. As our bodies grow and age, our postural muscles can weaken and even atrophy from lack of use. Lack of stability in our core and strength in our backs can really do a number on our overall health. These poorly prepared muscles can end up causing pain in our hips and back, including chronic back pain, IT band issues, and sciatica. Sure, these problems can be treated, but there’s only a select few longterm cures, including restoring strength and stability.

Enter: The Balance Cushion. Also referred to as a “wobble cushion,” this inflatable disc sits in the seat of your chair, providing you with just enough instability to engage your core and back muscles while you sit. You’ll notice you sit taller, straighter, and maintain a firmer stance within your core to keep yourself upright. What’s more? This little inflatable wonder doubles as a great workout prop for stability and balance—they’ve become standard equipment at gyms, Pilates studios, and offices around the country. Yep, you can even stand on it!

If a Balance Ball Chair won’t work in your office, a Balance Disc is a great alternative. Small enough to fit in the seat of your chair, the Balance Disc easily adapts to both your seated comfort and your fitness needs. By controlling the firmness of the cushion, you can control how much of a challenge your back and core take on. Ready to give it a wobble?