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group of kids sitting on balance ball chairs

Build a home classroom!

Let Kids Work Out Their Wiggles!

We inspire movement, brain power and teamwork. That means our bright, bold toys and games are perfect for kids who love to move, imagine and connect with others.

movement brain power and teamwork icons
movement brain power and teamwork icons
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Active Seating

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Promotes physical activity and superhero-good posture!

Healthy for the body and fun for the mind.

new kids funny face stay-n-play ball 45cm

Sitting was never so much fun with these stay-n-play balls with silly faces!

kids sitting on stay-n-play balls in a classroom
kids in classroom settings

kids classic

balance ball® chair

Encourages healthy


kids balance

cushion jr

Turn almost any chair

into an active seat

kids balance

stool jr

Keep squirmy kids

busy and focused

bouncy chair

bands 2 pack

Helps ease hyperactivity,

restlessness and anxiety

balance ball® chair

replacement ball

Keep your little one

active and engaged

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Active Play

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Build confidence, spark creativity and enhance physical and social development!

kids playing with the activity dice

new giggle box

Fifty fun, hilarious, and energetic movements help kids expend their excess energy while also improving their balance, flexibility and memorization.

new activity dice

The two activity dice provide a variety of active movements to improve kids motor skills, social interaction, and self-esteem all in a fun-filled game.

new bop bags

Fun to bop and bounce, they're designed to promote physical exercise, increase hand-eye coordination, and help kids get their extra energy out.

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Active Development

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Movement inspiring products with kid-friendly colors and designs help keep your little one active!

balance ball®


Encourages healthy


peanut ball


Keeps the body active

and the mind engaged

kids in a classroom on balance ball chairs
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Kidnasium Kids

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Active Play Helps A Child...


Play is so important to optimal child development that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child.

easy stress, build confidence, spark creativity, develop social skills and enhance physical development