From dumbbells to kettlebells we have what you need to add weight to your reps. Perfect for building muscle, boosting your metabolism, increasing cardiovascular endurance, and feeling your best.


The ultimate training tool for resistance training. Lightweight and portable, rubber resistance tubes and bands are ideal for strength training, toning, and rehabilitation exercises.

Get stability to go.

Our inflatable Balance Discs are portable, fit almost any chair and give you just enough instability to engage your core and back muscles while you sit. Go ahead, give it a wobble.


Balance, dynamic stabilization, and flexibility are cornerstones for your overall fitness. You'll find a mix of gear to support stability and mobility training, setting the stage for increased performance, better posture, and decreased injury.

Put power in your stance.

Standing can only get better by having these underfoot. If you do a lot of static standing, now you can activate it, relieving joint pressure, stimulating blood flow and energizing your muscles.


Athletic performance training is designed for training body and mind. Build speed, endurance, and functional movements to perform at your peak.

Make the most of your moves.

Work your core, stretch your back or just sit. Our Balance Balls support you in gaining strength, improving your balance and even upping your cardio endurance. Meet the most versatile ball around.

Find your perfect balance ball using the chart below. When you sit on the ball, your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees and hips at right angles.

Height: 42-51" Tall. Ideal for kids, ages 5-8

Height: 5'0"-5'5" Tall

Height: 5'6"-5'11" Tall

Height: 6'0"-6'5" Tall


Having trouble knowing where to start? These items will give you the push you need!

Keep the kiddos engaged and focused.

Flexible seating options like balance ball chairs, stay-n-play balls, balance discs and chair bands will help kids get the wiggles out, releasing built up energy and helping them focus. Available in a variety of fun colors, prints and even funny faces.

Importance Of Keeping A Great Fitness Routine

    Keeping a consistent workout routine where you are regularly using fitness equipment to increase the intensity of your workouts is very important. It has many proven benefits that help prolong a healthy and happy lifestyle. In your day to day routine, working out reduces stress, helps you feel motivated and confident in yourself, gives you a healthy boost in energy, and can help you sleep better.

    Regular exercise can help certain people manage anxiety, as well as, help maintain a day-to-day structure which gives people a sense of routine and schedule in their busy days. It’s important to have things in your life that you look forward to; working out can be one of those if you create the right fitness routine where you use the right fitness equipment. Here at Gaiam, we understand the importance of purchasing durable, easy to use, fitness equipment that helps produce the desired results our customers look for.

gaiam fitness equipment to utilize in your everyday workouts:

-  Neoprene Hand Weights: Hand/free weights range in weight selections from 3 pounds to 15 pounds. They are best used to add resistance to your workouts, therefore, creating a high intense workout.

- Yoga Mat & Weights: Purchasing a yoga mat & weights combination set allows you to do a wide variety of exercises during your workout. You can perform ground exercises comfortable while also using the weights to add resistance to intensify your workout.

- FILA Fitness Products: We carry a wide selection of FILA fitness equipment including kettlebells, conditioning ropes, jump ropes, free weights, and resistance bands. Purchasing these products help create a well-rounded workout routine that pushes every muscle group.

- SPRI Fitness Equipment: SPRI is our partner company that provides higher level fitness equipment where here at Gaiam, we focus more on providing yoga equipment and beginner-level workout equipment to help enhance your fitness routines.

    Browse our expansive selection of fitness equipment, yoga mats, and apparel to jumpstart your fitness routine today and create a healthier, happier, and more productive routine in your everyday life. If you have questions about what equipment would be best for your goals, contact our team today and we’ll be more than happy to help!