Foot Rollers, Hand Therapy Balls, And More on Foot and Hand Care

When you hear “foot and hand care,” you may think, “Oh hey! I do that—I moisturize.” Good start, Chachi, but there’s a whole lot more to taking care of your hands and feet than a luxurious cream. These hard-working extremities are used in a lot of our day-to-day activities, and often end up overworked and unappreciated. It’s important we take the time to give them the care and pampering they deserve. (Two words: foot rub. Two more words: Pretty please.)

So, what is foot and hand care? It’s most often centered around a rolly, bumpy, nubbly thing that provides relief from joint pain, enhances blood flow, and increases strength—and we’ve got plenty of those. Browse our Foot & Hand Care Collection, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

For hands, our Restore Hand Therapy Kit includes three progressive-resistance hand therapy balls to relieve joint pain and increase flexibility in your hands. The color-coded resistance is designed to increase hand, wrist, and forearm strength while enhancing your grip and relieving stress. These little jewels are great to have at your office desk or next to the TV!

And for feet, we’ve got a collection of rollers and massagers designed to knead the tight spots, soothe soreness, and bring relief to your hard-working tootsies. Our Restore Dual Foot Roller lets you double up on relief for both feet simultaneously. With two texture options for increasing blood flow or releasing sore muscles, this foot roller means business. And for travelers, our Restore Foot Massager is a little tool designed for big relief. Small enough to fit in your palm, its compact size is one you can take anywhere. And for those who like it hot—or cold—some of these handy tools even feature our Hot/Cold Technology, which allows the roller to maintain its temperature for up to 20 minutes.