Yoga Towels

You’re in the yoga studio and class is heating up. After a few rounds of sun salutations, your body temp begins to rise, along with the humidity of the room. Sweat beads on your brow, then it drips on your mat—and your otherwise trusty down-dogging surface becomes a treacherous Slip ’N Slide even the surest-footed yogi can’t maneuver. You’ve tried a bath towel (ugh, the bunching!). You’ve tried a hand towel (seriously, could it be any smaller?). And then you notice that cutie next to you with a Gaiam yoga towel. A colorful, silky soft towel that fits to all corners of a yoga mat, wicking away sweat and holding steady through all the warriors, trees, and triangles a yoga class brings. It’s time to score one for yourself, don’tcha think?

Upon first glance, all yoga towels may look the same. But we urge you to take a second, closer look: Gaiam’s super absorbent non-slip yoga towels are designed with wicking technology to absorb more sweat more quickly, and evaporate it even quicker. What’s more? Our towels have a super-soft, velvety feel. (Go ahead, rub it against your cheek.) The Ultra-dri technology we use splits the towel’s microfibers, creating a feel that you’re not sure whether to sweat on or snuggle.

Our towel design doesn’t stop there. We’ve created different towels for different sizes, classes, and styles. Our Longer/Wider Thirsty Yoga Towel is extra roomy, giving yogis a fit that’s two inches wider and four inches longer than a regular yoga towel. Our Hot Yoga Mat Towel gives you grippy stability when the temperatures rise, perfect for any hot yoga session or other high-intensity class. Our Non-Slip Yoga Towel gives your hands and feet an extra grip without bunching or pulling. And fret not, clean freaks: All of our towels are machine washable and designed to withstand wash upon wash (upon wash, upon wash…).

Ready to start browsing? Good, because we’re ready to show off our high-quality yoga towels (and all the brain power and elbow grease that went into them). Improve your practice and gain more confidence on the mat—shop our personal and wholesale yoga towels now.