When we hear the word “meditation,” it’s often synonymous with relaxation. We imagine a Zen’ed-out monk—eyes closed, spine straight, and mind clear—as an image that epitomizes calm and serenity. And yes, by all means, meditation is most definitely relaxing. But sometimes, especially in the early stages of our meditation practice, we’re often uncomfortable, easily agitated, or even a little achy. With a few meditation accessories like a meditation pillow, a warm blanket, a support for tired legs, even a headband to track our progress—our meditation practice can go from sparse to special.

When you’re meditating, it’s important to be comfortable—which, for many of us, means warm. Especially during the chilly winter months, it’s nice to wrap a little something around the shoulders to keep the chill away before settling in. Our Gaiam Sol Premium Yoga Meditation Blanket is the perfect thing to keep you cozy. It’s made of machine-washable organic cotton for an extra-soft touch, and its tight weave is designed for durability. Not using it during your meditation practice? Use it as a bolster in your yoga practice, or as a cozy throw blanket for those late-night binge-watching sessions on the couch.

Let’s stay with that idea of comfort a bit longer. Imagine you’ve just sat down for a meditation session, and you’re wiggling around, trying to get comfortable. “Man, my bony ankle is mashing into the floor,” you may think, or, “My hips are so tight, my knees can’t relax.” Fret not, Zen-seeker: We’ve got just the things. With our meditation cushions designed for knee and ankle support, you can rest easy with a little extra help from these contouring buckwheat-filled pillows. By placing them under your knees or ankles, you’ll be getting the support you need to fully relax both your body and your mind. Like to meditate lying down? We’ve also got a neck pillow that provides the contoured support you need. Fill your meditation room with accessories from Gaiam today to start your journey to a more peaceful meditation and yoga sesion.