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Beginner Essentials

This collection is perfect for the yoga newbie.

Deep Relaxations

Take some time to relax with these 5-20 minute deep relaxation meditation.

10 Minute Yoga

Short on time? These classes provide the perfect mix for your busy schedule.


15 guided meditations from leading experts will create mindful awareness throughout your day.

Rodney Yee

You can now learn from world renowned yoga instructor Rodney Yee. With 30+ years of yoga experience he'll guide you to a deeper and more meaningful practice.

Intermediate Essentials

This collection is for yogis with some experience and confidence practicing Hatha yoga.

Advanced Essentials

This collection is for the experienced yogi with a strong self-practice or for yoga teachers who might need some inspiration.

Sun Salutations

Warm up your body, wake up your mind with these Sun Salutations.

Yoga for Back Pain

Achy, painful back? Find some relief with these 10-20 minute gentle yoga classes designed to help prevent and reduce many types of back pain.

Yoga for Runners

Walk, run, or jog? These post-run yoga classes were made especially for you.

Earth Salutations

Designed with the earth in mind, these 6 classes find inspiration in the incredible beauty of the dense forets, the vast diversity of ocean life, and the survival of our planet's most captivating - and endangered - wildlife.

Prenatal Yoga

Our prenatal yoga collection aims to create space in the abdomen and througout the rib cage to support your growing belly in all stages of pregnancy.

Hip Hop Yoga

Move and groove to a better you in these faster paced yoga flows.