Gaiam Foam Roller 3-Year Guarantee

Thank you for your foam roller purchase! Muscle recovery is a vital part of preventing injury and keeping your body strong and healthy. We are proud to stand behind our foam rollers and we want to make sure you are too.

  1. Click here to download your foam roller exchange form and return instructions.
  2. Complete foam roller exchange and print 2 copies.
  3. Return your worn/defective foam roller to Gaiam, along with a completed foam roller exchange form.
    For complete rules of this offer, please see below.


If at any time, within 3 years of your purchase, you believe your Gaiam foam roller has worn out or is defective; you may submit a claim for a replacement foam roller by following the instructions above.

Note: Do NOT return your foam roller to the store where it was purchased. Retail stores are NOT authorized to provide service under this 3-Year Guarantee.

Terms & Conditions of the 3-Year Foam Roller Guarantee:

1. Determination of Replacement Foam Roller: When filing a claim, you must choose the same foam roller you originally purchased. If the foam roller you purchased is not available (e.g., out of stock, discontinued item), a substitution will be made at Gaiam’s discretion for a foam roller with comparable performance, appearance and value.

2. Scope of 3-Year Guarantee – Manufacturing Defects: This 3-Year Guarantee covers manufacturing defects only (including any defect in materials or workmanship). Gaiam has the sole discretion to determine manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this 3-Year Guarantee. Loss or theft of a Gaiam foam roller is not covered by this 3-Year Guarantee. This 3-Year Guarantee applies to all types of defects or failure during standard use.

3. Covered Individual: This 3-Year Guarantee extends only to you, the original purchaser of the Gaiam foam roller.

4. Duration of 3-Year Guarantee: This 3-Year Guarantee is valid for 3 years after date of purchase.

5. Geographic Limitation: This 3-Year Guarantee applies only to purchasers of Gaiam Foam Rollers who are residents of the United States.

6. Replacement as Sole Remedy: The sole remedy under this 3-Year Guarantee is replacement of the covered Gaiam foam roller with an identical or comparable foam roller, at the election of Gaiam. Gaiam is NOT liable for any other remedy (such as a cash refund) or for any damages, whether actual, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, resulting from the use or misuse of this product. All replacements are final and have no cash value. Note: Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

7. Reproduction of Customer Communications: Gaiam reserves the right to reproduce all or any portion of any customer letter, email, photograph and/or other communication received by Gaiam in connection with this Lifetime Guarantee in its advertising or promotional materials without compensation to the customer. The submission of any such letter, email, photograph and/or other communication as part of a claim will constitute a license authorizing Gaiam to use and reproduce all or any portion of those materials in connection with its business.

8. Other: Any missing, incomplete, or incorrect data entered by the consumer is not the responsibility of Gaiam. Please make sure it is a Gaiam foam roller by looking for the Gaiam name or logo (see above). Non-Gaiam foam rollers are not covered by this 3-Year Guarantee, and will not be eligible for replacement.