Restore Mini Cold Therapy Packs – 2Pack

Restore Mini Cold Therapy Packs – 2Pack



Relax tired muscles with the Restore Mini Cold Therapy Packs. These cold packs provide targeted therapy with a hands-free design that's simple and easy to use: simply chill, wrap, peel, and stick! These mini packs retain the cold for up to twenty minutes to help soothe muscle soreness. The gentle adhesive keeps them in place but won’t pull your hair, irritate your skin, or leave any sticky residue. The set includes two cold packs, five adhesive stickers, a freezer bag, and a fabric pouch.

  • Easy to use application
  • Chill, wrap, peel and stick
  • Great for post-workout recovery
  • Provides up to 20 minutes of cooling therapy
  • Includes 2 cold packs, 1 pouch, 5 adhesive stickers, and 1 freezer bag

 Resources: Usage Guide & Care, Setup & Tips


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