Restore Mini Band Kit

Restore Mini Band Kit



Whether you’re recovering from an injury or a marathon movie night at home, gently wake up your lower body muscles with this set of three mini bands. Each band provides a different level of resistance—light, medium and heavy—depending on how much activation and strengthening you need. Follow along with a downloadable exercise guide to target your legs, hips, glutes, ankles, calves, and thighs for greater mobility and muscle mass. 

  • Set of three mini bands
  • Light, medium, and heavy resistance
  • Ideal for rehabilitation, activation
  • Helps strengthen the lower body
  • Builds muscle mass, increases mobility
  • Comes with a downloadable exercise guide

Measurements: 12”L x 2”W. Light: .40mm thick, Medium: .55mm, Heavy: .75mm

Restore Mini Band Kit Exercise Guide


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