Restore 3-in-1 Resistance Band Kit


Restore 3-in-1 Resistance Band Kit


Build strength and continue to build resistance with this Restore 3-in-1 Resistance Band. Includes 3 interchangeable resistance bands, light, medium and heavy, for progressive intensity and the option to use 1, 2 or 3 sizes at once. Features comfortable sure-grip foam handles and is ideal for traditional resistance band moves, such as arm curls, tricep kickbacks and front arm raises. Includes a downloadable exercise guide.

  • 3 interchangeable resistance levels: light, medium and heavy
  • Progress in resistance or use multiple at once
  • Comfortable foam grip handles
  • Ideal for traditional resistance band workouts 

Flat Band & Tube Resistance Levels: Green is Light (20lbs +/-), Blue is Medium (30lbs +/-), and Gray is Heavy (40lbs +/-).

Downloadable Exercise Guide


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