How to Save on Your Next Yoga Retreat


How to Save on Your Next Yoga Retreat

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With Summer now in full swing, many of us are day-dreaming of exotic getaways to far-away lands where we can explore, relax and adventure. For many yogis, this dream vacation is in the form of a Yoga Retreat – an excursion usually taking place on tropical shores, featuring daily yoga & meditation practices lead by renowned teachers, healthy & flavorful food, exploration of local sights and the opportunity to grow in your personal practice. 

While yoga retreats are generally at the top of most yogis’ bucket lists, often the airfare to fly to destinations like Mexico & India hinder people from officially clicking “attending” to the retreat RSVP. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dollar Flight Club to share amazing flight deals to popular retreat destinations, all roundtrip from the US. So if your Summer to-do list includes participating in your first yoga retreat, look no further than the below destinations! Best of all, our Foldable Travel Mat fits perfectly in your carry on, meaning all you need to throw in your suitcase is your mat, some leggings and a swimsuit or two & you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the retreat of your dreams! 

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Dollar Flight Club’s Top-Recommended Summer Destinations for Yoga Retreats: 

1. Lisbon, Portugal - DFC found flights departing the US from $327

Why it’s great: Portugal’s capital of Lisbon is situated right on the coast, make it an idyllic spot to enjoy the sun, sand and surf between your morning and afternoon yoga sessions. The weather is gorgeous year-round, and the locals are considered some of the friendliest in the world! With an endless variety of retreat options in this European gem, you’re bound to find a teacher and a retreat that connects with you.

2. San Jose, Costa Rica - DFC found flights departing the US from $189

Why it’s great: Many major US airlines (including Southwest) have easy flights to Costa Rica, and getting to San Jose is simple & low-stress! The city itself is vibrant and colorful, and offers a great balance of nature and culture! Many yogis not only head to Costa Rica for a retreat, but to complete their 200 hour teacher training as well! You’ll love the opportunity to slow down & get on board with “tico time,” and Costa Rica features some of the ecologically most diverse flora & fauna on the planet.

3. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - DFC found flights departing the US from $206 

Why it’s great: From the seafront alleys to the warm coastal waters, you’ll do a lot more than just a few down dogs in Puerto Vallarta. There’s endless excursions & activities for those who like to be a bit adventurous, such as zip-lining and scuba diving. For those looking for a more relaxing retreat atmosphere, their pristine beaches provide ample opportunity to relax and refresh while sub-bathing or going for a causal swim. 

4. Denpasar, Bali - DFC found flights departing the US from $457

Why it’s great: Bali is known as somewhat of a Mecca for yoga-lovers near and far. From the beaches & tropical rainforests to the endless amount of wellness offerings throughout the country – it really is a yogi’s paradise. The food in this area of Southeast Asia pairs well with a plant-based or dairy-free diet. Get a famous Balianese massage, explore the local volcanoes or try your hand at surfing! You’ll leave feeling like you just experienced nirvana.

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