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recovery zone: Post Workout Stretches

After a tough yoga session or fitness workout, it’s important to rest, relax, and give your body the space and time that it needs to recover and prepare for your next workout. That’s where Gaiam's weekly post workout stretches and guided recovery stretches come in!

With these step-by-step video guides from Gaiam, you can learn how to use recovery tools like foam rollers, stretching straps, hamstring stretches, and more. With proper stretches and recovery tools, you can reduce muscle soreness, increase your flexibility, and get back to your workouts more quickly, while reducing your risk of injuries and fitness-related pain and discomfort.

Not only that, but we also offer downloadable Recovery Guides that can walk you through the basics of foam rolling, muscle recovery, and much more. With these resources from Gaiam, you’ll have everything you need to rest up and recover from an intense workout or yoga session and improve your overall performance, strength, and flexibility.

Best of all, Gaiam offers plenty of tools and equipment, in addition to the recovery workout videos, that can be used to help you recover from a tough workout. Browse our recovery equipment such as foam rollers, stretching bands, balance balls, and much more to get the gear you need for proper post workout stretches and recovery sessions.

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Stay fit while staying in

Stay fit while staying in



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Stay fit while staying in


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