Yoga Mat Bags

To practice yoga, you only really need one thing – a yoga mat. But a few accessories don’t hurt, either! And one of the most common accessories that new yoga practitioners pick up after a few sessions is a yoga mat bag, or a gym bag with an integrated yoga mat holder. This makes it easy to transport your yoga mat – and all of your other workout gear – whenever you need to run to the yoga studio.

Shop The Yoga Mat Bags And Yoga Mat Holders You Need From Gaiam

There are a wide variety of yoga mat bags and holders on the market, and at Gaiam, we offer yoga bags and workout bags of all types and sizes – ensuring you can find the bag that fits your style, meets your personal needs, and fits your mat and all the other gear you need to bring to the gym or yoga studio.

From yoga mat holders to duffel bags, backpacks, cargo bags, slings, totes, and even accessories like cinch bags and waist packs with diverse features. From stylish bags made with antimicrobial materials, to bags made from 100% cotton, 100% recycled materials, and even 100% sustainable, eco-friendly hemp, we’ve got an unparalleled selection.

No matter what your personal style, values, and preferences may be, you’ll be able to shop with confidence at Gaiam. And with yoga mat bags from Gaiam, you’ll be able to easily transport your yoga mat to and from class in style – and take it with you just about anywhere else!

Whether you frequently travel for business, enjoy practicing yoga outdoors, or visit lots of different yoga studios, you’re sure to find the bag you need at Gaiam. Shop online now, or feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about Gaiam yoga bags.