Yoga Towels for Mats & More

If you plan on practicing “hot yoga” also known as “Bikram yoga,” or you use your yoga mat for strenuous exercise and tend to sweat a lot while working out, a yoga towel from Gaiam is a great option. We’ve got a wide variety of non slip yoga & pilates towels that you can use to keep yourself dry, keep sweat off of your yoga mat, and reduce grip issues due to sweat.

Regular towels made of cotton are not absorbent enough and tend to slip when placed over yoga mats, so you need a specialized hot yoga & pilates towel that will stick to your mat, absorb sweat quickly, and will dry off rapidly after your workout.

Gaiam yoga towels are built to fit perfectly over Gaiam yoga mats and yoga mats from other manufacturers. With a grippy bottom layer, they ensure you won’t slip while posing in yoga, or performing any other aerobic exercises like pilates.

Gaiam Yoga Towels Are Built To Last – Shop Today

If you need a yoga towel for hot yoga studio visits or your home gym, Gaiam is the best choice. Gaiam yoga towels are made from high-quality microfiber and other super-absorbent materials that hold up well to the stresses of exercise, ensuring they last you for years to come.

They’re soft and comfortable, too, adding another layer of protection for your joints and your body as you exercise. And with an easy-to-launder design, it’s easy to toss your towel into the washer along with your other laundry, so you don’t have to spend as much time wiping down and sanitizing your yoga mat after class.

Don’t wait to buy your yoga equipment and supplies. Shop online for non slip hot yoga & pilates towels from Gaiam, and make sure you can stay comfortable and focused throughout even the most difficult yoga session.