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Yoga Sale

We’ll let you in on a little secret here at Gaiam. A few times each year, our product development and apparel design teams clear out their research rooms, sample racks, and storage closets to bring us employees one of the most coveted events of the season: the Gaiam sample sale.

Clothing racks line the walls, crammed with last season’s clothing, scrapped seconds and one-off samples. Piles of yoga mats, tall and heaping, loom in the corner. Foldable tables are pushed end to end, stacked high with DVDs, yoga gear, fitness accessories, and photo shoot props. Special appearances are made by exotic furniture, products of seasons past, and prototypes that never made it to production. Otherwise cordial and considerate co-workers become hungry competitors, ruthlessly snatching that one-of-a-kind top out of another’s hands. There are those who hoard all the “good mats” for Christmas presents, even when Christmas is still nine months away. (Alright, so there may be a little embellishment here, but it’s all in the name of riveting storytelling.) Payment is only cash or check — no credit cards, newbies! — and goodie piles will only be held an hour. Come early, come caffeinated, and come with your car trunk empty.

While this epic yoga sale is a perk provided only to Gaiam employees, we do what we can to spread the love to our other most valued group: our loyal customers. Our yoga sale page features some of our coveted, high-quality products at appealing (and sometimes rare!) prices. You’ll also find products that are discontinued, last season’s, or ones we made a few too many of. But above all, you’ll find good deals, amazing values, and reasonable prices. And even if we can’t bring you inside the mayhem that is our employee sample sale, we can bring you great value and prices on the products you’ve grown to love.