From items to complement your daily yoga routine to trendy pieces meant to give your wardrobe an extra punch, Gaiam has you covered with a complete line of women's accessories. We offer a mix of headbands, gloves, socks, bracelets, and more.

One aspect that can really help turn a yoga session into a “” is the right pair of grippy socks.  From full foot coverage to toeless socks or lace up ankle socks, find the right one for your style.  Non-slip designs help you whether you are on a Gaiam yoga mat, out in the park, or in your favorite studio.  Start using some non-slip grip socks today and feel the difference firsthand.

Socks are only half the battle though.  What about your hands?  Well, there are non-slip yoga gloves to help out with those too.  By keeping you rooted you can focus on your forms and your technique, and not if your hand is going to slip out from under you.  The fingerless designs give you full dexterity while the grip palm keeps you rooted where you want.

We all know how nice it is when your hair stays out of your face during practice.  A yoga headband is designed to help you do that just that, with the added benefit of looking great too.  Our stylish and multi-braided design is crafted with you in mind.  Your active lifestyle shouldn’t be hindered by anything.  We’re hear to help with that.

If you're looking for just the right accessory to complete an outfit, enhance your next yoga session, or help you feel a bit more present as you look at your bracelets and what they represent, Gaiam is here to help.  We’re ready when you are.