Behind the Scenes: Yoga Photoshoot at Denver’s Historic Boathouse


Behind the Scenes: Yoga Photoshoot at Denver’s Historic Boathouse

by: Kelsey Norten


When it comes to planning our quarterly photoshoots for new product arrivals, we carefully consider the energy and the history of each potential location. So when we recently needed to schedule a shoot for our new yoga products and apparel collection, we knew we wanted to represent the history and beauty of Denver, the city we call home.

We chose the Boathouse located in Washington Park (or “Wash Park” as we locals call it) in south-central Denver, as it is easily one of the most historical and breathtakingly beautiful locations the city has to offer. Located only 28 miles away from our office headquarters, Washington Park is the most-visited park in Denver by tourists and locals alike. It features activities for the outdoor enthusiast such as running and biking trails, tennis courts, multiple playgrounds and a recreation center. German landscape architect Reinhard Schuetze designed the park between 1899 and 1908. A fun piece of history is that the Field House, former residence of Eugene Field who was a poet and original contributing journalist to the Denver Post in the late 1800's, was purchased and donated to the city in 1930 by the “Unsinkable Molly Brown,” Titanic survivor, philanthropist and one of Denver’s most famous former residents.

blonde girl in colored yoga pants and a black sports bra does a prayer above her head on a yoga mat in a light airy exposed room

The Boathouse itself was designed by architect Jules Jacques Benios Benedict, and represents the popular Italian-style architecture of the time. It was completed in 1913, and renovated approx. 100 years later in 2012. The building provides stunning views of the park’s legendary flowerbeds and looks upon Smith Lake, where individuals can rent paddle boats and spend a day on the water. Today, the Boathouse holds all kinds of events, from concerts to weddings, community gatherings and more.

Dark haired woman does the bound variation of extended side angle in a purple top and black yoga pants in an airy building overlooking a lake

Along with finding a local location for our photoshoots, we also love to use local yoga teachers and wellness professionals as our yoga models! For this particular photoshoot, we worked with Kristen Loose and Christina Lewis, local Denver teachers and yoga enthusiasts who were kind enough to share a bit of their yoga journey with us. Check out her interview below!

a dark haired and light haired woman laugh while doing yoga in yoga clothes

1. How long have you been practicing yoga?

KL: I have been practicing yoga for about 7 years now. At first, I saw it as a rest day activity in-between working out and playing sports. But a few years into my practice I had this awesome epiphany during a class, and that’s when my journey beyond just the physical benefits of yoga began.

CL: I've been practicing yoga for 8 years now! 

2. What benefits do you feel yoga and meditation give to your life overall?

KL: Meditation really keeps me in check. We live in a world of so many distractions, so even if it’s just 5 minutes, I need that time to ask myself how I’m doing. Yoga makes me feel strong and confident, and being flexible helps me be a better runner, climber, hiker, etc. It’s also a great community to connect with people!

CL: Yoga has given me an awareness of self; not just alignment in my body but  also an understanding of my emotions as well as finding a better approach to managing stress.

3. What inspired you to become certified to teach yoga?

KL: That awesome epiphany moment I had a few years ago. I thought to myself – I am learning some really profound things about myself and about life through yoga, I’ve got to share this with other people.

CL: After practicing for a year I noticed such a drastic change in my own life, I felt the need to share with others!

4. What is your favorite yoga pose?

KL: Wild thing! The pose name literally means “the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart” – there’s a lot to that sentence that hits home for me. Plus, it’s just a really fun pose.

CL: Restorative and Yin Yoga are my favorite types of practices; my go to pose when I need a moment to breath is Supta Baddha Konasana.

5. Which do you prefer, studio practice or home practice?

KL: It depends on the day. Sometimes I really do need the motivation of a teacher and other students. Sometimes I just need to let my body tell me how to flow (and practice with my adorable French Bulldog, Izzy).

CL: Different benefits to both! It really depends on what I am seeking from my practice. If I need an energetic Vinyasa, I love the energy of a studio class but if I am winding down at the end of a hectic week or day, a quiet restorative practice at home where I can truly set the tone of my practice with aromatherapy is unmatched!

6. What Gaiam product that you’ve tried is your favorite?

KL: My favorite Gaiam product is the yoga wheel. I don’t love backbending, so it helps me get excited for that. It also adds an entirely new layer of challenge to balancing poses.

CL: I love the Studio Select Longer/Wider Dry-Grip Yoga Mat and the Yoga Toe Spreaders <3!

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