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High Quality Yoga Apparel

A 30-second google search for “high quality yoga apparel” will send you down a rabbit hole lined with yoga mats, premium yoga gear, and a metric ton of yoga pants so cute you could pinch them. While the results are abundant, they’re also a mixed bag. How are you supposed to know what’s really “quality?” What’s really “premium?” And what’s really just…saying that?

With our Gaiam Sol line (which we now call our Gaiam Studio Select line), we’ve solved the search conundrum for you. You see, we salute those who make yoga a part of their daily routine. So much so that the products in our premium line were designed by yogis, for yogis. We know what you want because…well, we want it, too. Through rigorous testing, quality construction, and responsibly sourced materials, we’re paying extra-fine attention to those little details that matter most to you (and us) when on the mat.

Let’s start with the obvious: our Gaiam Studio Select yoga mats. Understanding that everyone has their own “perfect” mat, we designed this collection of premium yoga mats to have unmatched grip, while offering different formulations, thicknesses, and densities.

Our Dry-Grip Mat features a moisture-wicking topcoat that’s sure to give you a better slip-free grip as the temps rise in class. And for those with a latex sensitivity, this mat’s rubber-free construction offers 5mm of irritation-free cushioning.

For those seeking a little extra cushion, our Sticky-Grip Mat is an ideal choice. With a stickier side that’s great for vinyasa and a smoother side that’s great for restorative classes, this premium mat brings you two options for look, feel, and texture. Hashtag winwin.

And the mats don’t stop there: our Power-Grip Mat blends cushioning with stability, offering a 100% natural rubber outer layer on a special no-bunch stabilizing core. Our Sure-Grip Mat keeps you down-dogging on 4mm of a comfortable fabric-like layer, offering you a soft grip and extra cushion for your joints. And for you traveling yogis, our 2mm Dry-Grip Mat brings you the same no-slip grip as our best-selling 5mm Dry-Grip Mat, but in a travel-friendly format. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to rock our birds of paradise on the sandy beaches of Thailand. (We wish.)

Besides needing a premium yoga mat, you’ll need premium yoga gear. Yoga blocks are the most popular yoga props to give you a lift during those hard-to-reach poses. At 50 percent denser than a standard EVA yoga block, our must-have Studio Select Medallion Block offers unparalleled support and a comfortable seat during meditation. Like to keep things more natural? We’ve got you covered. Our Natural Cork Block safely and softly unlocks advanced poses for your practice using 100 percent natural, sustainably harvested cork.

Lastly, let’s not forget about our complementary practice, meditation. Whether you’re new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, we offer a wide array of premium mediation pillows that bring you comfort and support while you’re finding your Zen. What’s more is, they come in a wide array of jewel tones to gussy up any meditation experience. Namaste to that.