The Importance of Investing In Active Office Equipment Essentials

Looking to improve your health and wellness as you work? At Gaiam, we have a number of office essentials that you can use in your home office or at work to keep yourself feeling good, enhance your productivity, and much more.

From exercise ball chairs for the office to balance boards and more, you can trust us to supply you with high-quality active office equipment essentials. Below are a few of our top picks, and a few reasons we believe active office equipment benefit you and your work environment whether that’s at the office or while you are working from home.

Strengthen Your Core and Prevent Lower Back Pain with Our Office Equipment!

An exercise balance ball chair is a great option for helping to prevent lower back pain, and for improving your core strength. About 80% of all people experience lower back pain in their lifetime. For office workers, this is often because of poor posture. With an exercise balance ball chair, you can eliminate lower back discomfort, boost your energy, and improve blood flow and oxygen intake.

Practice Active Standing to Improve Your Productivity & Overall Health

Standing is a great alternative to sitting at work. But why stay static when you can move? With a balance board like the Evolve Balance Board from Gaiam, you can use “micro-movements” to eliminate muscle tension and stress, and to stay productive while you burn calories and keep your body moving.

Office Essentials For Enhanced Productivity – Our Top Picks

Ready to invest in some office essentials for movement and enhanced productivity? Here are a few top products that will work in unison to keep you active and engaged during your work day!

  • Classic Balance Ball Chair: This exercise ball chair for offices will keep your core strong and tight, and help promote good posture as you sit and work. With a durable design and simple assembly, it will last you for years to come.
  • Evolve Balance Board: Actively balancing while you stand to work challenges your body’s stabilizing muscles, and strengthens your lower body and your proprioception (awareness of your body’s movements).
  • Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is key for your health and productivity, so this water bottle is an ideal office companion.
  • Restore Ultimate Foot Massager: Maintain blood flow and relieve tightness in your feet and legs with this compact, high-quality mini massager.
  • Aromatherapy Kit: This USB-powered diffuser can go anywhere, and a selection of 4 unique essential oil blends will help keep you comfortable and productive while you work.

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