You’ve recently started meditating, and you’ve chosen your favorite throw pillow from the couch as your designated meditation pillow. You place it on the floor and perch atop it, thinking to yourself that the pillow seemed a lot fluffier before you sat on it. Feeling your sitz bones getting cozy with the floor, you persevere and shut your eyes. “Man, this pillow really is thin,” you think to yourself, “And wow, this floor really is hard.” Five minutes into your practice, your left foot is fast asleep and your right knee is begging for mercy. In a huff of frustrating discomfort, you readjust and try to settle back in. This cycle continues for the next 20 minutes. Hey, meditators? It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Gaiam, we know meditation, and we know what an incredible difference a comfortable meditation pillow can make. For a classically shaped seat, our Sol Studio Select Zafu Meditation Cushion provides you with gentle support, increased comfort, and a soft touch while you’re finding your Zen. Filled with shape-hugging buckwheat hulls, it’s designed to stack your spine and support your hips for easy sitting. And its easy-to-carry handle is great for storage or on the go.

And the buck(wheat) doesn’t stop there. For those who want an extra layer of support, our Zabuton Meditation Floor Cushions add another layer of softness to your practice, using body-contouring cotton batting and an internal cotton cushion top. Designed to relieve pressure from your back, knees, and ankles, this softie can be paired with your favorite Crescent or Round Zafu Meditation Cushion.

With our eco-friendly Rattan Meditation Chair, we’ve married function with sophistication for an earthy-yet-sleek style that looks good in the living room. We recently improved this bestseller even more, adding height to the back, a wider seat, and a twice-as-thick cushion. Fido finds it equally appealing and comfortable; so say our employees. And for those who are looking for a minimal approach, our Curved Meditation Bench, made from sustainably harvested poplar, puts your spine in alignment with its perfectly angled curve and sturdy base.

Whatever kind of meditation seating option you’re searching for, we’ll help you find it. Browse Gaiam's selection of meditation cushions, pillows, and mats today!  

Zafu! (Gesundheit.)