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Mediation Videos, DVDs, and Media

For beginner meditators, sometimes silence can be deafening. A too-quiet room, the dull ringing in your ears, or the hum of the dishwasher takes your Zen and throws it off a ten-story cliff. Sometimes you need guidance, a lead-in, or quiet music to focus on in order to let your mind fully relax. With beginner meditators in mind, we offer several meditation videos to guide you into a relaxed, neutral state—no cliffs involved.

But before we get to the guided meditation DVDs, let’s take a moment to talk about two important things in our meditation practice: our breath and our body. Breathing is something we do every second of every day of our lives. But how many of us really pay attention to the way we breathe? How many of us can explain the nuances of our breath at rest, at work, or while we’re doing something strenuous? There’s a direct connection between relaxation and breathing; to breathe fully, it’s necessary to be relaxed. And to be relaxed requires full, deep breathing. See the cycle, here?

When you begin a meditation practice, one of the first things you bring your attention to is your breath: moving your short, shallow breaths into longer, deeper, more conscious breaths. And guess what? The deeper you breathe, the more oxygen you get. And the more oxygen you get, the better you feel. And then comes your body: how do you feel physically in this meditation? Are you comfortable? Tense? Cramped? Jittery? By creating a dialogue with your legs, your spine, your hands, your lungs and eventually your mind, you’ll find where the unease lies and tap into the resources needed to achieve alert-yet-calm relaxation.

With our meditation media, the breath and the body take center stage. In Rodney Yee’s Daily Meditation DVD, he leads you through an energizing AM practice, a relaxing PM practice, and a seated meditation practice focused on releasing tension. In Maritza’s Meditation for Beginners, she guides you through three 20-minute sessions, including a gentle yoga practice that prepares your body for meditation. And in Rodney Yee’s Relaxation and Breathing for Meditation DVD, he teaches simple breathing techniques and relaxation methods to bring the mind and body into a state of stillness.