Hot Yoga Accessories, Mats, Blocks, and More

Bikram, Barkan, Hot Vinyasa, Hot Fusion—whatever you’ve heard it called, hot yoga has taken the yoga world by storm. Practiced in a heated and humidified room, hot yoga is a challenging practice that increases range of motion, endurance, and claims to help you “sweat it all out” after a night of one too many margaritas. (We’re neither confirming, denying, nor condoning that last one, ’kay?)

For some, the term “hot yoga” is synonymous with Bikram yoga. Founded by Bikram Choudhury, this intense style of yoga is practiced at a mat-melting 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity (although some studios push the padmasana and take it as high as 115 degrees with 60 percent humidity). Using a set series of 26 poses, this style of hot yoga claims to flush your entire body and its associated systems with fresh, oxygenated blood for a full 90 minutes. “Challenging” may be the understatement of the year for Bikram newbies—but it’s heralded as life-changing if not flat-out addictive by its devotees.

For others, hot yoga means a variety of styles—whether it’s a vinyasa class taught in a heated room or a fusion between traditions, hot yoga guarantees you one thing: sweat, and lots of it. And along with this sweaty style of yoga comes a slew of accessories to keep you comfortable and stable while on the mat. Enter: Gaiam’s hot yoga accessories.

Yoga mat technology has come a long way since we first started making mats a few decades ago. We’re over-the-moon excited about our Dry-Grip Technology that’s integrated into our hot yoga mats: it wicks away sweat and provides better grip when the temps start to rise. Our collection of hot yoga towels—both mat-sized and hand-sized—are made from absorbent microfiber material to give you extra staying power. Our hot yoga blocks and hot yoga straps give you the stay-put support you need when you’re ready to ease deeper into a pose. And what hot yoga collection is complete without fashion? We’ve partnered with ToeSox to bring you grippy socks and gloves designed specifically for hot yoga.