Active Sitting Accessories

So you’ve decided to jump on the Balance Ball bandwagon and get a ball for yourself. (Good for you! Give yourself a high five.) But your newfound wellness journey doesn’t have to end with your Balance Ball purchase. With accessories from the fun to the practical, we aim to enhance your Balance Ball experience with our ball chair accessories.

Say you want an extra ball for your Balance Ball Chair—we can help you with that. You can use it as an extra or a replacement ball for your chair, or in your regular fitness ball routine. Needing extra height in your chair? Our Chair Leg Extenders give you a 2-inch boost to help taller folks sit more comfortably. For those who want to bring a little charisma to their chair, we offer a velvety active sitting cover that adds both comfort and color. (Purple is our personal favorite; what’s yours?) And what’s a Balance Ball Chair without air? We’re your go-to source for active sitting pumps and plugs to keep your chair in tip-top shape.

Aside from the accessories, we also offer Balance Ball workout DVDs that guide you through safe and effective ways to tone your tummy, strengthen your back, and find better posture. Leading fitness instructor and Balance Ball babe Tanja Dejelevic takes you through calorie-igniting workouts that help you sculpt your best body yet. Combining target-toning moves with cardio bursts, these workouts turn your balance ball into a low-impact, high energy workout tool. Choose from Tanja’s high-intensity Cardio Burn Balance Ball workout or the function-meets-fitness Core Cross Train workout.

At Gaiam, we like to think of ourselves as the pioneers of the Active Sitting movement, and we think it’s our duty to provide you with the tools and accessories to infuse health and wellness into your daily routine. Active Sitting is a great place to start. Join us in the movement!