Back Care, Deep Tissue Foam Roller Information & More!

Millions of people are affected by back pain. Aside from dealing with the physical pain itself, this sort of chronic condition can diminish your quality of life and affect day-to-day activities. By taking care of your back—your spine, your neck, and all the muscles in between—you’ll lower your chances of experiencing chronic back pain and problems later in life. Back pain: it’s not something to put on the back burner. (See what we did there?)

How do you take care of your back? We’ll start with these four rubrics: Lift right, sleep well, stretch out, and stay active. When lifting heavy items, avoid twisting and be sure you’re using your leg muscles rather than your back muscles. And keep up on the shut-eye: quality sleep is imperative for your overall health, allowing your body to rest and repair from the day’s events. And stretch it out: it’s important to take care of your muscles—and not just the ones in your back. Ever look at an anatomy chart? Many of our muscles are connected, and what’s sore in one spot can lead to tightness in another. Use a deep tissue foam roller to roll out the knots and kinks, and start your day with a few good stretches after getting up—they’re almost as invigorating as coffee. (Hey, we said almost.) And most importantly, stay active: whether it’s at the gym, at the park, or during a playdate with the kids, keep your body moving to maintain a healthy spine and a healthy weight.

While we’re on the subject of movement, we’ll segue right into our next suggestion: yoga for back relief. Led by internationally acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee, our Back Care Yoga DVD is a great way to strengthen your back, relieve stress, and promote spinal alignment. Rodney’s easy-to-follow exercises bring you more flexibility and agility, and the guided relaxation helps to calm both the body and the mind. And let’s face it: who couldn’t use a little downtime these days?

Aside from yoga for back care, we offer a whole host of rollers, hooks, balls, stretchers, and other bumpy, rolly things to bring you swift and sweet relief where you need it most. One of our top-sellers? Our deep tissue foam roller, designed to work into the deep layers of tissue to stimulate blood flow and ease your aches fast.