Men's Athletic Yoga Collection for Yoga Workouts

When you hear the word “yoga,” you may imagine a bunch of fit, flexible women rocking their warriors and three-legged dogs. And while that stereotype certainly exists, we’re here to tell you that 1) they’re not the only ones who can do yoga, 2) in fact, lots of dudes do yoga, and 3) yes, we’re talking to you.

Why should men do yoga? Bro, yoga’s benefits aren’t just for the ladies. With a regular yoga practice, you’ll sculpt lean muscle, increase your strength and flexibility, and improve your sense of balance. It’s a great cross-training method that complements just about any sport, and helps to prevent other injuries and strains. What’s more is, you don’t need a closet full of equipment to do yoga; all you need is a mat and a few square feet of floorspace.

And aside from the physical benefits, yoga brings you a way to lower your stress levels and enhance your mental focus. Using a number of relaxation techniques, yoga steers you away from the amped-up, competitive gym mentality and back into your body. Through focusing on your breath and sensations within your body, you’ll find yourself discovering a newfound awareness of what’s going on inside. You’ll feel calmer and more flexible—in more ways than one.

But don’t think for a second that yoga’s for navel-gazing wimps. With intense body-weight exercises, long holds, and continual movements, you’ll boost your cardiovascular workout and build whole-body muscle mass with athletic yoga. Look for classes with words like “flow,” “power,” or “vinyasa” for the added challenge you’re looking for. Ready to take it up another notch? Check out a hot yoga class for an intense 60- to 90-minute session of drip-tastic yoga poses that will wring you out and leave you exhausted and euphoric. (P.S. Take some water.)

With our men’s athletic yoga collection, we bring you mats specifically made to fit your body type, tough props that are built to last, and yoga towels made to soak up the sweat. Our Athletic Yoga Mats are longer and wider than traditional mats, and offer 5 mm of extra-sticky phthalate-free PVC to give you a no-slip grip when the temperatures rise. Looking for a lift? Our Athletic Durablock uses an extra-dense material made with Dura-Dense Technology to give you 50% more density than regular yoga blocks, and is ideal for repeated use with larger bodies. And don’t sweat it—our Athletic MaxTowel features Dry-Tech technology to absorb twice as much as a standard cotton towel and dries in half the time, and is longer and wider than traditional yoga towels.

We also offer a series of athletic yoga workouts featuring some of the top names in sports, like Kevin Love, Eddie George, and Matt Giordano, among others. In these yoga workouts, All Sport Yoga instructor Kent Katich brings you four 20-minute sessions to work on increasing strength and mobility while improving your balance and mental focus.