Yoga Mat DIY


Yoga Mat DIY

by: The Resource Girls


These Resource Girls have two mottos, Be You and Be Resourceful. You’ll usually find us doing some type of do-it-yourself project because they so easily allow us to incorporate both our mottos. As Resource Girls, we’re always trying to find ways to create our own one-of-a-kind piece that makes our personalities shine and presents our best self. We love turning items we already own into something new and different.

One of our number one goals while doing these DIYs is to always be resourceful in what we do. We love finding ways to make them affordable and easily accessible to anyone, anywhere. Not a crafter? Have no fear. We’re here to show you a whole new world when it comes to do-it-yourself projects.

So when Gaiam challenged us to take our yoga mat and turn it into something completely different, we happily accepted! If you’ve been practicing yoga for years, you probably have a few too many mats lying around. Are we right? The best thing about this project is the more color and personality your mat has, the better! So grab your mat and the items below, and clear a space in your home to tackle this easy and simple DIY project. The best part is, it makes the perfect gift for any kid or mother to be in your life!

Yoga Mat Bath Toys

Items Needed:

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Scissors
  • Cookie cutters/stencils
  • Washable marker



  • Use any kind of anti-bacterial disinfectant to wash off each side of your mat and then ensure it’s dry. This first step is super important because it ensures your yoga mat is clean. Yoga mats carry all sorts of bacteria and so it’s very important before transforming your yoga mat that you take the time to clean it very well
  • Using cookie cutters or stencils, take your washable marker and draw shapes onto your mat.
  • Using your scissors, cut out each stencil you made. Don’t have any stencils? No problem. Simply cut out squares from your mat, fold those squares in half and cut out shapes on the fold. Circle, triangle, oval, whatever you want. This ensures each side of the shape is even and looks uniform.
  • That’s it! They’ll stick to the side of the bath when there’s water in the tub and are easy to move around.

We love the idea of making these and adding them to a gift for a newborn baby or soon-to-be mommy. Think baby shampoo, washcloths and towels with a wrapped set of DIY yoga mat bath toys on top. We also love the idea of these for a kid’s birthday. Have you seen bath markers? Adding these bath toys to a gift with washable bath markers and a fun hooded towel would make a one of a kind gift for your niece or nephew and is super inexpensive! Another option is to throw in a Gaiam Yoga Kids DVD to stick with the yoga theme. The possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling your tired out yoga mat. It makes our resourceful hearts flutter just thinking about them all!

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