Tapping into Your Inherent Creativity


Tapping into Your Inherent Creativity

Author: Alanna Ford

Everyone has the potential to be creative, though from a young age, some of us may have been told otherwise. When we embrace our lives as a work of art, we can find joy in the creative process of living.

Here are some ways to tap into your inherent artistry inspired by Claritas Collection’s “Igniting Creativity” kit. The only things you’ll need are some paper, a pen, a journal if you have one, and a jar or sachet.

Remember the Past

To begin, think about times in your life when you’ve felt particularly creative. These could be moments when you’ve generated ideas, been in touch with your intuition, or solved problems. Keep in mind that creativity comes in many forms and is not limited to what we typically box into the realm of “art.” Instead, these may be moments when you simply felt your approach to being alive was creative. Allow the moments that come to mind to surprise you. Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing? Write these reflections in your journal or on a piece of paper.

Reflect on the Present

Now that you’ve considered when you’ve been creative in the past, let’s think about the present. Reflect on these prompts in your journal.

  • Think about your day-to-day routine. Are there moments when you could introduce a deeper sense of attention to the present?
  • How might you create space in your life to listen for the catalysts of new ideas?
  • Are there ways you could make room for more experimentation and play?
  • How might you regularly seek out inspiration in order to fill up your creative well?


Gather Inspiration

The seeds of inspiration surround us all of the time — we just need to notice them. To be creative for the longterm, it’s helpful to have a method for collecting these sparks when they strike.

Take a moment right now to consider ideas you’ve had in the last few weeks or months. These may be merely seedlings of ideas and still undefined, or they could be complete, fully formed visions. Brainstorm future creations, projects, ideas, or concepts you’d like to explore further through your medium of choice. Write down each idea on a separate square of paper.

Place these ideas into a small jar or sachet. This container can become your gathering place for inspiration, which you can add to any time you come across an interesting concept or discover something that you’d like to explore further. This is the dwelling place for the very beginnings of ideas, and is something you can always come back to when you’re looking for creative fodder.

About Claritas Collection

Claritas kits are like your own personal guide walking you through a process of reflecting through ritual. With topics such as Igniting Creativity, Cultivating Gratitude, and Letting Go, each kit comes with a deck of cards that walks you through the experience, along with treasures from around the world to help bring it to life.

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