Mantra Board


Mantra Board

Author: The Resource Girls

These Resource Girls are true believers in the power of words. Whether good or bad, we truly feel they have the ability to turn your day around. There’s no hot water for your morning shower, you spill coffee on your shirt while walking into work and you come home to a pile of bills. Been there? We have and it stinks! Sometimes it seems the universe is stacked against us and these minor things can cause us to have a bad attitude. Are we right?

These Resource Girls have realized that adult life isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. It’s hard some days. Combine that with negative thoughts or negative people throughout your day and you can really find yourself in a not-so-great place. But it’s our choice what we allow our mind to grow into each and every day. Although we recognize there are tough days, we want to empower you to keep them from taking over your mind and day. One way to do that is by spreading a little more positivity and light into your life. How do you do that? We thought you’d never ask.

Do you have a space in your home or apartment that you look at every day? Maybe it’s next to your bathroom mirror, closet or front door? Wherever it is, find an empty space and get your hands on a few of the materials we list below. We have the perfect project to take that empty wall up a notch and help provide your mind and spirit with an extra oomph of goodness. Whether you’re trying to reach a weight loss goal, celebrate a special time in life or simply need some positivity, these Resource Girls are obsessed with mantra boards and think you should get on the bandwagon too. They’re the perfect addition to any space and a great, daily reminder of what you want to accomplish or speak for your day, week and even month ahead.


  • 11”x17” Cork board (found at any craft store)
  • Scotch Super 77 Multi Purpose Adhesive Spray
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Trimmings (can be found at any craft store)
  • Pictures
  • Print-outs/postcards/search Free Printables on Pinterest and find one that suits you (these are simply quotes or pictures that people have created and let you print for free)
  • Stickers/cutouts
  • Washi tape/tacks/push pins
  • Craft paint


  1. Gather any and all materials you have to make your mantra board your personalized collage. We love to do crafts, so I grabbed some feathers, leather and a few pieces of scrapbook paper from our DIY stash. We also found some bomb wood cutout words (dream, imagine, create) at Joann’s and painted them a bright color.
  2. Once you gather all your materials, design your layout on your corkboard. Having things not line up or be perfectly centered makes for a fun, eccentric look, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Take your glue spray and start to tack your pieces onto your board. We also love the idea of using washi tape, or push pins to add in a little extra dimension, support and different look to the mantra board.
  3. Utilize any pictures, postcards or positive sayings you have. Want to lose weight? Add some fun number stickers to show what your weight loss goal is, or use a picture of a bikini you want to fit into and pin it up on your board. Utilize Pinterest to search and print any free printables for fun sayings or quotes.
  4. That’s it! Now add a nail or two onto your wall, or utilize 3M hooks to hang your corkboard.
  1. Words are powerful. So why not send a few more good ones into the universe and into your day? We guarantee looking at that board will make you smile a little brighter, help you keep putting one foot in front of the other and take you to new heights!

No more excuses, get on it already!

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