Everybody Bends

Who needs yoga?  Honestly, we all do.  Teachers, doctors, car mechanics, CEOs, athletes, farmers – every last one of us can benefit from building strength, gaining flexibility, and finding a bit of calm in the day.

So let’s make that happen.

If you are new to yoga, we encourage you to laugh at yourself, fall down, and try again.  Because we’re all beginners, over and over.

And if you’ve been practicing for years, we invite you to join us in seeing yoga through fresh eyes – as something both ancient and brand spanking new, every single time you step on the mat.

In big ways and small, yoga belongs to all of us. Consider this an open invitation to start bending.

With Gaiam everybody bends.

Everybody Bends Sweepstakes

Join us the month of January for a special sweepstakes to celebrate Gaiam’s personal mantra of Everybody Bends: that yoga is accessible to everyone — every age, shape, size, gender and ethnicity.

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Stories to Inspire

Dianne Bonde in tree pose

Little girl on a yoga mat

Man laying down

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