6 Ways to Stay Healthy and Active on Vacation


6 Ways to Stay Healthy and Active on Vacation

by: Shobhit Kumar


Staying fit, active and healthy is a big priority for a lot of people, yet so many struggle to keep up with their healthy habits while on vacation. Why is that?Generally speaking, many of us take vacations to spend time quality time with our loved ones, relax & recharge, indulge in a little self-care and explore new cities & environments. One of the most fun ways to partake in getting to know a new city is by indulging in the local food scene. These are often the moments when dietary restrictions fall to the wayside, and those moments of culinary bliss are met with feelings of bloating, dehydration & general uncomfortableness. Sound familiar?While it may be inevitable that you partake in some delicacies outside of your normal diet & routine – there are other factors you can focus on during your travels that can help you stay centered & feeling your best so that you can enjoy every aspect of your vacation:

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Summer is one of the most popular times of year to take a vacation. It also tends to be hot in most places you’ll likely travel to, which means your body requires lot of water intake. Our bodies constitute of 70% water, and apart from that glucose levels tend to come down when you travel in the summer - leading to fatigue. So remember to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, keeping a reusable water bottle with you at all times is an easy way to do so! 

2. Remember to Relax

It’s common to fill your day with all kinds of activities and sightseeing while traveling somewhere new, but not taking the time to relax and recharge ultimately leaves you with that dreaded feeling of needing a vacation after your vacation. Remember to stretch, do some light exercise like taking a morning walk or doing 20 minutes of yoga on the beach - this will keep you feeling fresh and ready to take on whatever is listed on your day’s itinerary! And don’t be afraid to indulge in a spa treatment or two to help keep your body feeling loose and limber.

3. Eating Patterns

Overeating tends to be pretty normal when vacationing, and often we find ourselves enjoying less-healthy options like ice cream and lavish brunches. Something that can be helpful when trying to minimize overeating patterns is by balancing out junk food with healthy food every other meal. Carrying healthy snacks with you also helps, things like homemade roasted peanuts, dates, almonds, energy bars, etc are all great options. You can’t avoid eating out while on vacation, also why would you want to? Here is where it’s also helpful to be mindful of portion sizes. Follow the basic rule of healthy diet by filling half your plate with fruits and veggies. This way you can enjoy these fun, new meals while not totally throwing your diet to the wayside. 

4. Don’t Forgo Sleep

The constant desire to explore and adventure on vacation can oftentimes lead you to compromise on sleep. Remember that lack of sleep leads to irritability, fatigue and a slower metabolism, all things you want to avoid while traveling. Make it a goal to still aim for a healthy 7-8 hours, that way you can have the energy to enjoy all the fun activities you have planned.

5. Stay Active

A trip away often times can serve as the perfect excuse not to work out. If you’re not the type to hit up the hotel gym, looks for fun recreational activities that also help you to explore your surroundings. Hiking, river rafting, swimming, cycling, or a mere walk can help you get some physical activity in as well as experience something that you’ll remember for a lifetime. You can also opt for family yoga classes or spin class at a popular local studio!

6. Avoid Technology

In this day and age of social media, it can be difficult to keep ourselves away from our devices that are usually permanently attached to our fingertips, such as cell phones, iPads, video games, etc. Use your vacation as an excuse to disconnect from technology and get connected to the real world. A detox from the daily use of our gadgets can do wonders for our mental health – and whats the point of discovering a new place if you’re looking down at your phone the whole time?

Hopefully with these tips – your next vacation will be one that leaves you feeling healthy, happy and fully rejuvenated!


Shobhit Kumar is a travel blogger and currently working with India Holiday Mall. He loves to read articles related to travel, and Holidays. He provides various packages for tours to India and Tours to India. He also has a strong passion for writing creative blogs and articles about Travel and Holidays.

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