5 Ways to Stay Well While Traveling


5 Ways to Stay Well While Traveling

by: Stella Green Thompson


Is your workout schedule set and your gym membership paid, yet you're getting ready to hit the road soon? For most people, traveling tends to take us out of our healthy routines when it comes to workouts and food choices. However, if you're health is of the utmost importance to you, taking a week off is simply not an option just because you're relaxing on a beach or galavanting through a new city. Here are some simple ways to stay well and keep your general health top of mind while traveling. 

1. Avoid Germs

Traveling generally means you'll be taken out of your normal surroundings and thrown into areas where lots of people typically populate, which often can mean exposure to lots of germs (cough cough, airports). After landing in your destination, you may find yourself taking various modes of transportation, including public subways, buses, rideshares, etc. Avoiding means of mass transport is typically not an option, but putting wet wipes and hand sanitizer in your carry-on luggage definitely is. Before you take a seat somewhere, take a moment to quickly wipe it down. The same can go for hotel rooms - it's better safe than sorry!

2. Be Kind to your Stomach

Stomach issues have the potential to ruin your entire trip. They are usually the result of eating something that doesn't agree with you that may cause a reaction of some sort, or in the worst case scenario even food poisoning. Looking up restaurant reviews ahead of time is a great way to ensue the food has a good reputation, and being aware of the foods that trigger reactions for you before traveling is even better. In order to help keep your digestive system in tip top shape, probiotics may be a great idea to add to your supplement routine while on the road. Gastronomy is an essential part of experiencing a new region or country, but sticking to foods that you know agrees with your body is never a bad idea!

3. Stay Hydrated

Whether you are on a plane, train or in an automobile, staying hydrated is essential during long journeys. While at home, we rarely notice how much water we consume during the day, but on the road we want to consciously drink as much liquid as possible. Get yourself a reusable water bottle and keep in the backpack or place car cup holders inside your rental car. They are available in various sizes so you can bring both a bottle of water and a cup of coffee along for your journey.

4. Mindfully Consume Alcohol

It's been said that with every glass of alcohol you should drink two cups of water in-between to avoid dehydration, which is enhanced when you're traveling and out of your element. While enjoying the local libations is some of the best parts of traveling, waking up hungover in your hotel room the next day and unable to sight-see is not. Bring that reusable water bottle with you everywhere and make sure it's constantly filled with water, that way if you find yourself stopping for a local happy hour special you know you'll have water on hand to help you continue to feel fresh and focused.

5. Bring a Travel Yoga Mat

Unless you are traveling for business, you are bound to have at least one hour free a day. This time window can be used for yoga, stretching or any kind of exercise that will keep you feeling limber and energized. That's why packing a travel yoga mat is a great way to be ready to stretch it out whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you are traveling with your own car, taking a few moments to pull over to a scenic spot or park and busting our your yoga mat for a few minutes can do wonders fo your body and soul (not to mention, relieve the stress of traveling).

We hope you enjoy your next vacation or adventure with these helpful tips!

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