Meditation & Yoga

for Conception

Meditation and Yoga

Reduce Stress ⋅ Improve Blood Flow ⋅ Enhance Fertility

Meditation and yoga have lasting benefits for the body and mind, giving you a sense of calm and inner harmony. These benefits also aid in the conception process by reducing the impact that stress has upon egg/sperm quality as well the ability of women to successfully have an embryo implant/grow. Additionally, this intervention can help foster the bonds between those that are trying to start a family together.



Free Downloadable Meditations from Kristin McGee:

Kristin McGee


Kristin McGee is considered a pioneer in the yoga and meditation movement, teaching since 1997, now specializing in Yoga for Fertility classes at the Reproductive Medical Associates in NYC. She also teaches private classes to help many women as they try and conceive.

Kristin's passion for yoga and meditation, as well as her personal experience with using them during fertility treaments with her 3 boys, is what inspired us to partner to bring you free meditations to use on your journey.

Learn more about Kristin's personal fertility treatment journey.



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