Gaiam: Yoga Apparel and Accessories

Why Choose Yoga Apparel?

If you're looking for apparel that's comfortable, breathable, and allows for a full range of motion, then it's hard to beat yoga clothing. This clothing is designed for stretching, twisting, sweating, yet remaining comfortable throughout the most demanding yoga class. If you choose apparel from Gaiam, you'll even look great wearing it between classes!

Yoga Tops

Good yoga tops give you the proper level of support you're comfortable with while still looking stylish. They're forgiving enough to stay in place no matter how you twist or turn. They'll even keep you covered when you're upside down! No matter what style of yoga you practice or what your personal style looks like, we have yoga tops to match.

Yoga Bottoms

Express your unique personality through the bottoms you pair with your yoga tops. We offer yoga bottoms in a range of different lengths to fit your needs, including capris, leggings, and pants. We also offer them in a variety of colors and patterns that enable you to express your personality and sense of style. Whether you're in class, running errands, or lounging at home, you'll enjoy the flexibility and comfort of our yoga bottoms.

Yoga Accessories and Jewelry

Enjoy the comfortable fit and secure feel of our grippy yoga gloves and socks. They'll enhance your yoga session wherever it takes place. For meditation after your session, we have yoga malas to help you experience a more meaningful meditation.

Gaiam's Jessica Biel Collection

At Gaiam, we are honored to feature Jessica Biel's Capsule Collection of yoga apparel. This collection focuses on yoga apparel that is versatile and comfortable for all wearers. Mix and match your favorite pieces for outfits that are ready to go whenever you are. The neutral color palette and stylish designs make them perfect attire for at home, at the yoga studio, or running errands.

If you're looking forward to new active apparel, check out Gaiam's nearly endless options. After all, you may as well look as great as you feel while you're doing something you love!