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Flashback to twenty years ago, and meditation was considered a practice with a penchant for robed monks, rhythmic chanting, and achieving a state of mind only a few could grasp. While this peaceful (and frankly, unachievable) stereotype of Zen meditation was amusing, it didn’t convey the simplicity or availability of meditation for the masses. #meditationfail

What exactly is meditation? We’re so glad you asked. Meditation is a way to separate our thoughts from the emotions associated with them. Through observation and awareness, we can begin to separate ourselves from our reactions to things. This separation keeps us in the present moment, allowing us to understand more about our thought patterns, and learn more about our emotions and ourselves. Oh, and fun fact: The original purpose of yoga was to prepare the body to sit for long periods of time in meditation. So these two practices go together like bread and butter.

Next question: Why meditate? Two words: stress management (among other things, but we’ll focus on that one). Stress is a known trigger for a slew of awful health conditions, and current research shows that meditation can help lower stress. In addition, meditation has been linked with anxiety management, overcoming sleep disorders, and coping with chronic pain. It’s also been shown to boost the brain’s capacity for attention span, focus, and creativity. Getting more interesting, isn’t it?

If you’re ready to try meditation, or if you’re a seasoned practitioner looking for a new cushion or other accessory, we’ve got you covered. We offer a collection of meditation seating in a gorgeous array of jewel tones to make your mindful meditation more comfortable. Looking for some guidance? We carry several guided meditations on DVD to lead you into a state of calm. Practicing after a yoga session? We’ve made a beautifully soft 100% cotton blanket to cut the chill during a yoga meditation session. And for those who love their tech, we’ve even got Muse—a headband to guide you—and your mind—into peace and quiet.