PetWell Back & Neck Reliever

PetWell Back & Neck Reliever



Give your pet a gentle massage to help alleviate pain from arthritis or stiffness from a big day of play with the PetWell Back & Neck Reliever. Made to hug the contours of your pet’s back and neck, the roller also works on the shoulders, chest, and hips. The curved handle is ergonomically designed to protect your pet’s spine as you massage. The textured grip lets you choose the amount of pressure: lighter for sorer muscles or heavier for a deeper massage.

  • Alleviate pain from arthritis 
  • Helps relieve stiffness from exercise
  • Hugs the neck and back
  • Ideal for a spinal massage
  • Great for dogs and cats

Measurements: 7.5"L x 6"W x 2"H

Materials: PVC, metal, TPR, and glossed plastic. 

Download the Massage Guide for the PetWell Back & Neck Reliever

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