T'ai Chi Beginning Practice DVD with David-Dorian Ross


T'ai Chi Beginning Practice DVD with David-Dorian Ross



This program was created to be more like personal instruction. You'll learn more intuitively as you explore each move, so you feel more confident right away, understanding how T'ai Chi will help you move closer to that elusive life priority:  balance. David guides eight essential T'ai chi ch'uan poses, from Parting the Horse's Mane and to the empowering Crane Spreads Wings. A total-body workout that is more physically charged than its sister practice Qigong, this is like a martial arts dance, with breathing and mental imagery techniques that intensify the effects. 

  • Led by World T'ai Chi medalist David-Dorian Ross
  • More personal way to learn T'ai Chi
  • Move closer to that elusive life priority: balance
  • Learn 8 essential poses 
  • Parting the Horse's Mane to Crane Spreads Wings
  • The ultimate total body workout
  • Bonus morning beginners practice

Approximate Total Run Time: 70 minutes.

Introduction & Preparation: Learn the essentials to T'ai Chi to build a foundation for the rest of your practice.

Flowing Practice Demonstration: Connect eight essential poses through demonstration and detailed guidance. 

Bonus A.M. Chi for Beginners: Awaken and energize the body and mind for the day ahead in this morning practice.


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