A.M./P.M. Stretch for Health DVD with Madeleine Lewis


  • Certified fitness instructor Madeleine Lewis guides these targeted stretching programs designed to help you feel more flexible and invigorated in the morning and to help you relax and realign your body at the end of your day. Deluxe DVD includes both workouts, bonus Power Stretch workout, music track and instructor interview.

    • Certified fitness instructor Madeleine Lewis
    • Targeted stretching programs
    • Invigorating practice in the morning
    • Relaxing practice at the end of the day
    • Includes a music track
    • Exclusive interview with Madeleine
  • Approximate Total Run Time: 90 minutes.

    A.M. Stretch (35 minutes): Awaken and energize the body and mind with this sequence of exercises that will stretch your muscles, improve your posture, and increase your range of motion.

    P.M. Stretch (35 minutes): Free your body and mind of the tension accumulated throughout the day with a sequence of exercises that relax and lengthen the muscles and relieve stress.

    Bonus Power Stretch (20 minutes): This workout will increase your flexibility and strength.


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