Rodney Yee's Best of Yoga DVD


  • Lose weight, flatten your abs, and build strength with this DVD that takes you through the Best of Yoga, with acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee. You will discover the benefits of today's top yoga practices Flow Yoga, Core Yoga, and Power Yoga, where you will learn poses and sequences for the ultimate yoga experience. 

    • Lose weight, flatten your abs, and build strength
    • Discover today's top yoga practices
    • Best of Flow Yoga with a focus on cardio
    • Best of Core Yoga with a focus on balance
    • Best of Power Yoga with a focus on strength
    • Led by acclaimed instructor Rodney Yee
    • The ultimate yoga experience
    • Go through all 3 sequences for a full hour of yoga
  • Total Approximate Run Time: 62 minutes.

    Best of Flow Yoga / Cardio (24 minutes): Connect movement to breath and focuses on proper alignment to improve flexibility, lengthen the spine, and energize your mind and body.

    Best of Core Yoga / Balance (18 minutes): Develop a strong core for a solid yoga foundation. Focus on energy on the abs to build a stronger, leaner core and improve overall balance.

    Best of Power Yoga / Strength (20 minutes): A dynamic yoga practice that mixes the mental and physical benefits of yoga into one total-body practice to tone muscles and build endurance. 


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