Kathryn Budig's Aim True Yoga DVD


  • Kathryn Budig's passion for yoga is infectious – you’ll feel it every time you practice with her Aim True Yoga DVD that helps focus your energy and intention resulting in a stronger, leaner body in no time. The first segment, Beginners Practice, is an easy-to-follow 25-minute Vinyasa flow practice. Authentic Flow is the next 45-minute segment in which she helps you push your practice to the next level to torch calories and increase your flexibility. The last ten minutes is her Five Favorite Poses workshop in which you'll be guided through popular poses, step-by-step.

    • Led by yoga instructor Kathryn Budig
    • Focus your energy and intention for a stronger, leaner body
    • Energizing and inspiring tone to improve your practice
    • Torch calories and increase your flexibility
    • Offers the opportunity to perfect popular yoga poses
    • BONUS 10-minute downloadable “Intense Ab Series” core workout
  • Approximate Total Run Time: 80 minutes.

    Beginner's Practice (25 minutes): Easy-to-follow Vinyasa practice.

    Authentic Flow (45 minutes): Flow yoga practice to burn calories and sculpt muscles.

    Five Favorite Poses (10 minutes): Step-by-step instruction of how to perfect popular yoga poses.

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