5 Day Fit: Pilates DVD with Jillian Hessel & Ana Caban


  • Get expert advice from certified instructors. It’s an effective selection of Pilates workouts that will strengthen and lengthen every muscle in your body; accessible to all fitness levels and featuring Ana Caban & Jillian Hessel.

    • Strengthen and lengthen muscle
    • Five Pilates workouts in one DVD
    • Top-notch Pilates talent Ana Caban & Jillian Hessel
    • Ideal for any fitness level
    • Learn the fundamentals of Pilates
    • Cardio exercises to PM unwinding segments
  • Approximate Run Time: 124 minutes.

    Easy Pilates (13 minutes): Step-by-step instructions of Pilates fundamentals.

    Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss (29 minutes): A high-intensity program designed to burn more calories.

    Cardio Pilates (30 minutes): Fusion of Pilates and fat-burning cardio exercises.

    A.M. Pilates (25 minutes): An award-winning program to boost your morning energy.

    P.M. Pilates (27 minutes): A workout designed to unwind tense muscles & soothe the nervous system.


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