Back Care Yoga DVD with Rodney Yee


Back Care Yoga DVD with Rodney Yee



Our Back Care Yoga DVD with internationally acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee is designed to strengthen your back to relieve pain and stress and promote optimal back health and spinal alignment. Through a series of stretches and postures you can begin to develop a stronger, healthier back. As you progress through the workout, you'll move from sitting to standing to floor exercises. Together, these exercises will help lengthen and loosen your spine for greater agility and flexibility.

  • Reduce stress in the back and spine
  • Stretches and hip-opening postures to warm up the body
  • Exercises to build "core" back and abdominal muscles
  • Guided relaxation to release tension and calm mind and body
  • Strengthen the back to relieve pain

Total Run Time: 58 minutes + 16 minutes of bonus content.

Section One: Using movement and breath, you will begin you wake up your spine and move through your body.

Section Two: Stregthen, coordinate and increase range of motion in the back.

Section Three: Restorative poses that will support the back and releasing tension. 


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