Rodney Yee's Flexibility for Beginners DVD


Rodney Yee's Flexibility for Beginners DVD



Flexibility is not just about back bends and reaching for your toes, it is about being able to move and bend with ease and coordination. Acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee will lead you through three full-length practices to help you open up your neck & shoulders, extend your reach, and increase your hip mobility. This DVD has 2 audio options, one with full pose instruction and the other with simple pose instruction and also comes with a bonus downloadable meditation practice. 

  • Focus on your neck & shoulders, hip openers, or extend your reach
  • Increase mobility and improve range of motion 
  • Build a healthy posture and strong back
  • Improve balance and decrease stress
  • Bonus downloadable meditation practice
  • 2 audio options: full pose or simple pose instruction
  • 3 full-length practices

Total Run Time: 68 minutes.

Recommended Props: Yoga mat, block and strap.

Neck & Shoulder (20 minutes): Allow energy to flow through the body with this yoga sequence that will improve posture and decrease stress. 

Extend Your Reach (23 minutes): Lengthen the spine with this series of twists and stretches to improve balance and range of motion.

Hip Opener (25 minutes): Hip mobility is key in maintaining a healthy back and strong knees. 


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