5 Day Fit: Chi DVD with David-Dorian Ross, Gary Garripoli, Daisy Lee-Garripoli, & CJ McPhee


  • T'ai Chi and Qigong (“chee gung”) are centuries-old practices designed to promote healing, stress relief and energy flow. Using a series of gentle, flowing movements and breathing techniques, you'll revitalize the body by releasing tension and anxiety, while recharging with fresh energy. You'll feel calm and centered as you focus your mind and move in a purposeful way. Find your immune system strengthened as you explore this completely natural healing art.

    • Five full-length Tai Chi and Qigong workouts
    • Promote healing, stress relief, and energy flow
    • Gentle, flowing movements and breathing techniques
    • Release tension and anxiety
    • Expert teaching from 4 master instructors
    • AM & PM practice options
    • Stress Relief or Body Detox segments
    • Energy Chi practice
  • Approximate Total Run Time: 180 minutes.

    AM Tai Chi (40 minutes): Combines basic movements with visualization and breathing exercises to help you feel more awake and energized. 

    PM Tai Chi (40 minutes): Simple movements to help you unwind and soothe your body and mind for a restful sleep.

    Qigong for Stress Relief (40 minutes): Release tension, soothe your mind and empower yourself with 10 easy-to-learn exercises.

    Qigong for Body Detox (45 minutes): Flush toxins and strengthen your cells and organs as you cleanse your body with these therapeutic stretching and breathing exercises.

    Energy Chi (25 minutes): This gentle routine synchronizes slow movement with deep breathing to stimulate your body's natural energy and healing abilities. 


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