Restore 12" Vibrating Foam Roller

Restore 12" Vibrating Foam Roller



Gain double the massage power with our Vibrating Foam Roller. Get an initial level of deep massage with the semi-firm wave-textured surface and then multiply the effects by turning on the vibration. The additional vibration helps stretch, massage and strengthen muscles, ease aches and pains, reduce numbness and tightness, and stimulate circulation. To see all massage options, get the full downloadable massage guide.

  • 12” L x 5” D foam roller
  • Smooth vibration stimulates blood flow, helping decrease recovery time
  • Designed to loosen tight muscles, improve mobility and decrease stress
  • Semi-firm density for optimal relief
  • Full massage guide available for download

Resources: Care, Setup, & Tips

Download the vibrating foam roller exercise guide


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